Book Review #9: The Perfect Blend

Author: Tess Masters

Genre: Cooking, Food & Wine, Lifestyle

Language: English

Series, if any: NA

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Date of publication: 27 December 2016

No. of pages: 224


Online phenomenon The Blender Girl offers up 100 recipes that act as a guide to a healthier and a more vibrant lifestyle.


I liked the way the author has approached and segmented the various nutritional aspects that can contribute to healthier lifestyle. From smoothies to snacks, sides, soups, mains and desserts there is a smooth flow of appraoching a healthy diet along with a quick guide explaining all the key ingredients. All the recipes are pretty doable for a non-cook like me and the instructions have been written in such a manner there is no scope for error.

What I didn’t like about the book would be the rarity of pictures, which is pretty unsual for a cookbook. While each section has been colourfully showcased, there should be a picture for each and every recipe that has been included. Some of the ingredients that has been used should  be provided with a common name in order to keep the non-US crowd in mind.

My opinion: I loved the simplistic approach of the book and I will definitely try to follow some of the recipes that I lole. Let’s hope the kitchen doesn’t errupt in that process. But irrespective of my talents, it’s a quick read, easy-to-use cooking manual.

My rating: 3 out of 5


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