Family of Temple-Mountains

After showing off my photography “skills” showcasing the highlights of Angkor, let me introduce you the family of temple mountains that managed to make me exercise. Most of the structures are located at walk able distance from Bayon temples. The only reason I remember the names is because of the labelled folders that I made once I got home. Phew!!! Anyways, I am listing them in the order these structures can be accessed.


Angkor Thom

After completing the restoration in 2011, this massive five-tiered pyramid-lookalike has been opened to the visitors in recent years only.

Causeway leading to the remains of ruined pavilion in the middle
The state temple of the Yasodharapura of King Udayadityavarman II

Phimeanakas & The Royal Palace

Angkor Thom

I believe this was the most non religious part of Angkor that I ever explored.  Located amidst a dense foliage, the rectangular form of the structure somehow breaks from the tradition of square shaped, tiered pyramids as seen in Bapuon. The laterite pyramid comprises of three levels. Walking through the forest, I kept slithering sounds and and my paranoid heart kept thinking of exotic snakes.

Stairs have been provided to make the top tiers accessible to tourists. However the steep and narrow staircase doesn’t detract from the extent to which some of the monument has crumbled.



The Elephant Terrace

Angkor Thom

The obvious nomenclature of this place can be attributed to the numerous carvings of elephants on the walls and the entrance.


The Leper King Terrace

Angkor Thom

I am not sure how walls are identified as terrace, but let’s not get into the technicalities of names, shall we? After all, what is in a name? Mostly because of the discoloration and the moss growing on the various carvings, one can easily imagine how the disfigured structure gave rise to the unique name. However, the temple was originally built to honor the Angkorian King Yasovarman I who has leprosy.




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