image Showroom

I get distracted when I see new shiny things. No, I am not talking about any pretty little baubles or diamonds for that matter. I am referring to sleek, sexy little four-wheeler that seem to be in abundance in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These rich people I tell you!!! I am not kidding guys!!! If I see a sexy car, I just go park my butt on the bonnet as if it is my own personal property and pose until I see the owner returning back. I know you won’t believe this obsessive side of me with mere words, but don’t you worry my dear readers. I got pictures to prove!!!


2012-11-13 21.28.21
At Dubai Mall
At Dubai Motor Expo 2015


While vintage reminds of the days that has gone by and the glory of them luxury cars remind me of my ambition t suees in life. Dubai Motor Show is an experience that can not be forgotten or missed.

Vrooooooooom…. Vrooooooom….

Disappearig until my next trip to wherever my budget takes me to next.



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