Traveller’s Challenge

Definitely a fortunate find!!! I am definitely looking forward to starting this!!!

SatSun Project

If you are a hardcore traveller or a newbie who wants to try travelling as a hobby, you may want to try upgrading your itinerary and complete these challenges.

Challenge 1 (Post Card Master): Go to a different country, city or province and buy yourself a post card. Write a short letter to yourself describing your experiences then send it to your home address. Try to get as many post cards as possible then show it to your friends and family as part of your collection.

photo from photo from

Challenge 2 (Spell Master): Spell your name by going to different countries, cities or provinces around the world.

Let’s say your name is Cathy.

By Country (Asia):

C= Cambodia


T =Thailand



By City (US):

C=Charlotte, NC

A=Atlanta, GA

T=Tucson, AZ

H=Honolulu, HI

Y=Yonkers, NY

By Province (Thailand):


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