image A Marbleous Delight

I am in a punny mood. (Did you see what I did there?)

Well, all jokes aside let me just mention at the very start of this feature; this was totally an incidental happening and now has resulted in another addition to my bucket list. So I recently acquired a piece of jewellery as a gift from my superior with intricate details and composed entirely of marble. Knowing my love for traveling and my fascination with trivia about new things, my boss introduced me to Marble artwork of Jabalpur.

You must be wondering what is the big deal right? Don’t worry, I am there to ramble and enlighten you about it.

Marble Rocks ka Bhedaghat is a naturally formed soft marble gorge located 21 kms from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh along the Narmada River, formed by the majestic waterfall called Dhuandhar. Stretching a distance of almost 3 kms and towering nearly 100 feet, these white marbles are covered with dark volcanic creases of green and black, a contrst which has captivated numerous tourist attention and has made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While the massive water creates the mystical smoky appearance giving it the name Dhuandhar (means smoke-like), the gushing water erodes the rock and forms the picturesque Marble Rocks.

The white marble is thus considered to be rich in magnesium, and is also considered as a type of soapstones. The softness of the marbles makes it easy for them to be carved on, and because of this feature the marble is mined and carved into beautiful artifacts like jewllery, idols and trinket boxes which can be a perfect local souvenir.

After looking through the splendour of Bhedaghat and Dhuandhar falls, I just want to fly out right at this very moment and spend a moonlit night at Narmada and marveling over natural wonders. Wanna join?



  1. Yes I want to join but I can’t! I am sure as soon as I get serious about joining you will come up with excuses. My beard is super scary anyway.

    Joking aside–my mom has been to Bhedaghat in a college trip many decades ago and I have seen that boating pic a few times in worn out album. I haven’t made it yet and I doubt if I will make it in this life-time and I am not going to have another–so there!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


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