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I think by now everyone is well updated with my fascination with my city Mumbai. There are thousands of reasons why I am in love with this city. But one prominent reason would be this city is one of the best picturesque muse for night-time photography. Oh the traffic is loud and crazy at peak hours, but sometimes the view will make you stop in the middle of the road and make a shutter bug out of you.

The main city of Mumbai has many iconic landmarks. But nothing is as wondrous as the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly known as Victoria Terminus. A symbol of commercialization of Mumbai, this 19th century structure is a unique blend of British architectural style of Gothic Revival in coordination with the hardwork of Indian craftsmen.

Essentially, the style is very similar to the traditional Indian palace architecture. Majority of the building has retained its authenticity in the detailing and its interior designing. However, the major focal point is the octagonal central dome, which is technically inaccessible to the visitors. However, I will try to take a sneak peak shot soon, when I am not trying to fight the jostling crowd.

The station was originally named as “Victoria Terminus”. However, in 1996, in response to demands by the Shiv Sena (a local political party) and in keeping with the policy of renaming locations with Indian names, the station was renamed by the state government after Chhatrapati Shivaji, a famed 17th century Maratha king.

The Terminus is one of the major railway stations in the Metropolis of Mumbai and more than 3 million rail commuters use it everyday (Can you imagine the numerous unknown elbows in your ribs?) In addition to the initial 4 railway tracks, the terminus now facilitates 7 suburban and 11 separate out-station tracks. This has led to the restructuring of several areas in the surrounding, and the addition of new buildings.

Sometimes a good phone camera is all that you need, don’t you think?



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