image Princess or a Frog

How does it feel to be a princess for a day? And I am not referring to the kind that throws tantrum for everything. I am referring to the kind that has one of those elegant dresses that sweeps the floor, while giving you that air of elegance and glamour that is far from  your real persona. 

The first time I wore a gown and actually ended up in a palace will always hold a special memory in my heart. You see, I was the queen of cynicism when it comes to matters of mushiness and heart. But then the whole magic of love happened and I found myself in a palace (literally) on Valentine’s Day, wearing a gown that had a sweeping trail. 

I really do love gowns. Not the ones with frills and puffs and poofs; but the ones that has an understated sexiness, an attitude that I can relate to, and an elegance and grace of a lady. 


This outfit was a fortunate find, thank you Koovs, which ticked all the correct boxes for me. A combination of playsuit and a gown definitely appealed to the twisted side of me. And the fact that, when the wind blew, I felt like a pink-caped superwoman. Well, who doesn’t like to be a superhero, even if it is for a few hours.  

I am not really camera-friendly. Actually, chuck that!!! I can not pose for a dime. So often my pictures have to be candid


What am I wearing:

  • Koovs V-neck split front playsuit
  • Clutch by Guess
  • Heels, a thrift shop find
  • Well the make-upwas definitely gone by the end of the night, but it started off with MAC and Faces



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