Day 15: The last meal

Feature or not to feature?

I know the title sounds overtly dramatic when compared to the actual context of the topic, but then I have been called a drama queen way too often.

After lot of pondering and contemplating, most of which was done while returning back from my trip, I decided I should do a feature post. But then, I got stuck with what and how. Life gets complicated between these two. Always.

But then, lightning struck with the help of Blogging 101 Alumini (So… So…. grateful for you guys!!!)

So here it is, and let’s hope that I am consistent with it:

I’ll be starting off with Monday Mines – my “feeble” weekly attempt to present and liven your Monday blues with some facts focusing mainly on trips, cities, countries, destinations, customs, food, practices, clothing…well you get my drift. It will be another set of rambling. The only difference is it will be grounded in some reality this time. So keep a look out for my Travelogue to updated with facts.

Shall we says cheers?



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