Suspended animation

I tried experimenting with some filter, but it was highly unsuccessful.
After crossing the Toll plaza
Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link aka Bandra – Worli Sea Link

My love affair with Mumbai started when I was 7 years old. 18 years down the lane, the details and structures that has made Mumbai a Metropolitan city, still fascinates me. Worli sea link is one of those features of the city that always make me take out the camera and just start snapping.

This civil engineering marvel, spans an arc of the Mumbai coastline, and reflects the progressive growth that the city has undertaken to become a world-class city.


  • First bridge to be constructed in open -sea conditions in India
  • 4.7 km, twin, 4-lane independent carriageway bridge across the open sea
  • 16-lane toll plaza with 20-m wide promenade together with state-of-the-art traffic monitoring, surveillance, information and control systems
  • 2342 pre-cast segments for total bridge with varied width
  • 40,000 MT of reinforcement, 23,0000 cum of concrete, 5,400 MT of Post tensioning strands and bars used
  • Osterberg cell technology used for the first time in India to check pile strength (for up to 9600 MT).
  • Engagement of Asian Hercules, one of the largest floating shear leg crane in the world for shifting 1,260 MT launching truss from Bandra end to Worli end of the main cable stay bridge
  • Largest span for cable-stayed bridge in India
  • Up to 25-m high pier in open sea, giving ample headroom to marine traffic
  • Use of Polytron Disc in bearings on piers for the first time in India


  1. Been to Mumbai just once – and was cooped up in a hotel nearly the whole week. The conference was in the same hotel where I was staying and the hotel was in a place called Malad – away from the city. But the movies tell me that it is indeed a city to fall in love with.

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