image Hola…!!!!

This has been the most wonderful week for me, thanks to blogging101 and The Daily Post. I have been meeting my target in posting regularly, making my blog resemble something more than ruins and getting wonderful support and accolades from my fellow bloggers. This has been simply wonderful!!!

Kathy Mays added to that surprise with this wonderful nomination for The Premio Dardos Award. The lovely name must have intrigued you right? Well, I can enlighten you of course, because the various pingbacks have really taught me something new.
Premio Dardo means Prize Darts in Spanish and is awarded to those individuals recognised by other bloggers in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.”

For a newbie to be considered as creative and original is a praise of highest order and Kathy, I thank you so much for the nomination.

There’s not that many rules that you need to worry about.

  1. Include the picture of the award
  2. Acknowledge the person and his/her blog that nominated you
  3. Nominate 15 blogs whom you consider to be worth of it

Easy peasy right?

So I, hereby, nominate the following:

  1. Morning story and Dilbert
  2. A Momma’s view 
  3. Accidental Words
  4. Earnest Expressions
  5. Srinath Krishnamoorthy
  6. Priyankamoraes
  7. A melange of thoughts
  8. Anand’s malarkey
  9. Magnanimous words
  10. Sincerely, Hill
  11. Elena’s Travelgram
  12. Traveling Solemates
  13. The AnonymouSTalker
  14. Around the world in thirty years
  15. Shewali Tiwari

Well there you go. It just took half an hour extra. Phew!!!

Well of course you have the option of opting to accept the nomination. 🙂

~ Cheers



  1. Hi Ishita , hearty congratulations on this award and am humbled on being nominated. I have a no award policy and therefore will have to pass but am truly grateful. Happy blogging !


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