image 5-step Program: Knighthood to Brotherhood

Considering my ability to ramble on (and with abundance of mistakes), it was truly a shocked pleasure to be chosen as a nominee by this wonderful and charming blog called Ah Dad, where Pieter will captivate you with his narratives full of wit and dry humor. They definitely made me wonder if me or my would-be partner in life can ever be as cool as him (I would show your blog to my father,  just to make a point I think, but it will come as a surprise to him that his daughter actually has a blog and has been traveling around India without informing him and writing about it. So let’s not horrify him any further because of me)

After initiating the first step to acknowledge in my rambling, I would like to display this badge as a proud owner on the shelves of my blog. Well the second step also asked for it, but it’s not as if I am being compelled by it. Compulsion is what vampires do. And I am no such thing!! (though I do feel that my rambling can take up that cause very soon)

Knighthood to Brotherhood

The third step involves some introspection, and let’s not forget my dear readers who just might start yawning and beg for mercy. Well don’t worry, you will get a format of the questions that has been asked to you by the one who has nominated (Wow!! That felt like a mouthful of words!!!) SO this makes the job of wondering and unraveling the mysteries of yourself very easy.

Let’s see if I did a good job of answering Pieter:

  1. How does your partner feel about you farting in bed?Well, unlucky in love hasn’t exactly helped me in finding the partner with whom I can share that level of comfort and intimacy. But my room-mate has learnt to ignore the delights on the days that I feel extra-light.
  2. How important is a six pack?  On a woman.I hope you mean beer. Because that’s like totally appreciated and acknowledged and loved. But if it’s the other lust-inducing kind you are referring to, I will definitely appreciate (and might get tempted for a moment) but for long-term purposes it will definitely be one of the reasons for me to suffer from inferiority complex.
  3. How much wine is too much wine?Since I have grape allergy, even a sip is too much for me.
  4. How do I prevent boys from dating my daughter?I will probably ask them to narrate the entire Odyssey verbatim. That should keep them involved for some time.
  5. On a scale of 8-10, how annoying are the Kardashians?Like a blip in my radar, I usually overlook them. Unless they are wearing something funny, which tends to be often. Oh damn!!! they are not a blip. Will full score of 20 do?
  6. How would you celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary?Hopefully as a couple and not as two embittered individuals.
  7. How do you show appreciation when you are blessed with the greatest family on earth?Well I would like to thank my heavenly stars and the celestial powers who are blessing me after listening to my mom’s numerous prayers for making me the first daughter of the Roy-Chakraborty household (Yes, that indeed is my surname) They did everything by the book and sometimes disregarded the rules to ensure my safety and well-being and I will never doubt their love, which is in some case, overtly evident and in some cases, very well hidden.

I can now my pat myself on the back and move on to step forward to the step four of this program where I announce my nominees. There is no particular order of the number of nominees that you have opted for. Just make sure that you have notified them.

  1. In these global shoes
  2. Mind and Life matters
  3. The Ink Slinger
  4. Earnest Expressions
  5. The AnonymouSTalker 
  6. Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies
  7. In Noir Velvet
  8. Kristina Van Hoose
  9. Rawrdy Rawr Book Dino
  10. Ramona Crisstea

Coming to Step five: Confound the people and make them ramble!! So these are my five questions for you, ladies and gentlemen:

  1. Choose a superpower and its complimenting Kryptonite, and explain to the world why
  2. Who is your favorite author who reflects your life and personality in their writing?
  3. What flavor would you describe yourself as? And Why?
  4. If you have to observe the world as a ghost, what would you see?
  5. What is the one topic you would like to write about, but have always postponed?

After all that effort, don’t forget to hit the “Publish” button.

All hail the Brotherhood!!

And thank you Pieter.



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