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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

P.S – I thought of being creative and writing a fiction. But seriously, my flair of creativity is limited to arts only. My 9th grade spin-a-yarn competition was a complete disaster and it still surprises me that I actually won that shit.

Personal style has been a bone of contention in my family. Not that anybody has ever restricted me to do anything otherwise. But the arguments have nevertheless been of migraine-inducing kind. However, clothes have rarely been an issue. I dress sedately at home (not because of restrictions, but because of the tattoos that  my parents are unaware of :P) But it has always been my crazy mop of hair that has resulted in groans of despair among my family members, and also my hair dresser. You see, not only my hair is curly and prone to tangles and frizziness, it also has the unfortunately fortunate luck of being overtly voluminous. And I kid you not!!! Friends have played numerous pranks of putting stuff in my hair without my awareness. I have received offers from receding hair lines and bald zones for hair transplant. It is quite disconcerting. Well, less compared to  the effort of maintaining my hair, but it still is.

Style Icon? Not so much!!!

Somehow my crazy hair reflects my personality of impatience and tempestuous, and lets not forget the mule-headed stubbornness. I have been told that I should be grateful for the sheer volume, and there are days when I am. But, there are days when I am vain and narcissistic as well and wish for those wavy, shoulder length, easy to flick hair as well.

Moroccan Hair Products has definitely been a blessing in disguise  with its anti-oxidant rich argan oil along with proteins and vitamins that comes in a 3.4 Oz i.e. 100 ml dark glass container packed in a blue box.

The oil is slightly thicker in consistency if you compare it to regular hair oil and has a fragrance that is far from over-bearing and noxious. It is preferred to be used when your hair is wet, especially after using conditioner (try out MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner), and should be applied by working through the ends and leaving it to dry. The overall experience with the product is extremely satisfactory. The only point where slight discontent can be experienced would be the quantity provided. The entire bottle will last you for a month max. And looking at the sheer volume of my hair, sometimes less than that. I have looked for a bigger bottle, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

Overall experience: 4.5 out of 5

Pricing: Rs. 2650/- (slightly exorbitant considering the quantity)

Personal opinion: Definitely recommended for those who are driven to madness with their hair problems like me

~~ Cheers


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