image Never go by the size..!!!

Since the day I left Mumbai, that’s in the year 2006, my sole aim has been to return back to the city that has become such an inherent part of me since July 1997. Despite the diversity of the places that I have grown up in, I will always refer to myself as a Mumbai-an.  Being a foodie that I am, I have been compiling a list of all the food places that I want to gorge on (and that’s despite the limited budget that I possess) So far there has been very few exclusions and loads of new entry. But one of the places that you can try on is called “Jam Jar”, located in Versova, Andheri (West). The place resembles a small hideout from the outside, but the ambience and the size will surprise you. Moderately lit, with adequate space management and pleasant music to keep you company, you can have conversations with your friend and not feel smothered with people (or smoke) and your head won’t hurt, so that’s always good. They can improve on the staircase leading upstair. But my favorite part of the place would be the seating arrangements outside. It resembles a small homely and cosy cottage, with comfortable seating arrangements that do not crowd each other.  The service will not disappoint you, just like the place. The food is not bad either (they can increase the size of their portions though). The drinks are interestingly named and serves in actual mason jars. But my favorite part of the evening would be the desert Flower Pot Served in a plastic flower pot, the base of the desert comprises of chocolate brownie, with a thick layer of ice cream and whipped cream, some marshmallows, and the soil layer made of crushed orio and presented with a beautiful orchid, it was a visual and a sensory delight. You are literally digging through the pot to have some more. This is what i refer to as a potluck 😀 A must try for all mumbaians, though you later might complain of those ever-growing waistline. But seriously, worth it!!! Mumbai can make or break you, and it truly does live up to the name of ‘City of dreams’. The city has a way of opening its arms, welcoming you to its fold, surprising you with little treats, showing you a glittery life and shimmery skylines, and if you can’t keep up the pace, it is capable of leaving you behind. And the little treats are the ones that make it all worth it.  Thats for all now people.  ~ Goodnight!!



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