image Home Alone: Abu Dhabi

Disclaimer: This is going to be a collaborative post of my guest appearance at my parents’ house. So the pictures will basically depict a mixed duration of my stay. Honestly, this vacation provided me with a good reason to get rid of ll the pending pictures!! 😀



A Tour of Abu Dhabi

Despite the shroud of conservative that prevails in the air, the city of Abu Dhabi has given a better welcome to me than Kuwait. I have heard numerous stories when it comes to the Arab nations. Some are way too horrendous to quote. But some did depict the kindness of the people, well some of them. thankfully, i never had any reason to voice any such grievances.

My parents have noticed how much i crib during my stay in Abu Dhabi, not to mention the number of luggage always doubles when I return back, So this time, my father devised a resourceful way of keeping me occupied.


Do’s and Don’s to keep yourself entertained in Abu Dhabi, and not by shopping excursions. So let me start in the order that I have visited them.

  1. Corniche beach. It’s an impressive 8 km of waterfront which offers recreational activities for both adults as well as children. It’s a favorite for fitness fanatics with separate pedestrian and cycle pathways. The pristine beach with its white sand overlooking a beautiful turquoise sea will refresh your mind completely.
  2. Ferrari World, Yas Island where you can relieve all your fast and furious moments. Well for mt the grand movie series has been completely about lust-inducing sleek cars, adrenaline rush and of course, Jason Statham but the world’s first Ferrari theme part and the largest of its kind will definitely hold you in awe.

    The Italian raw sensuality is clearly reflected in the fiery red of the car and their sleek styles. There are numerous educational and exhilarating rides and attractions spread throughout the park which will keep both adults and the youngsters entertained. But my favorites would be the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster where you can apparently flex up to 100 facial muscles on reaching a speed of 240 kmph; and  Galleria Ferrari, the world’s largest  Ferrari Gallery outside Maranello with an interactive display of cars from 1947 to the present. The numerous Italian restaurants will continue the Italian experience of enriching your taste buds, A definite must-go place in my opinion.

  3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
    Being the world’s largest mosque should be an indefinite pressure. But the Grand mosque will astonish the tourists as well as the worshipers with its stark beauty and architectural intricacies. Featuring 82 domes, 1000 or so columns and 24 carat gold-plated chandeliers and the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet, I was simply spellbound. Let me just show you the pictures, and you will believe me!!
  1. Unlike the other mosques in Abu Dhabi, this one is open throughout the year for the visitors, except on Fridays. And yes, you have to be dressed conservatively in their traditional abbaya to visit the place. Don’t worry you have to go shop for it. They provide you with one free of charge. Being a national heritage, the mosque has been beautifully maintained, a sight that is sorely lacking in our dear India. The serenity of a place of worship will bring you peace, irrespective of your religion.

So this post is definitely going to be a huge one, like I stated earlier. Hence let me just part ways with you dear readers in simply three words (and lot of exclamations :P):

To be continued….




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