image Say Cheeeeeesee!!!

Lately, my Facebook feed has been filled with married people whereas Instagram has been overloaded with fashion and food, which invariably makes me hungry….. for shopping as well as food. Now, if I do shop, I’ll invariably end up being broke, which will prove to be an adverse effect to my traveling plans (what a pity!!) But when it comes to food, nobody will ever complain or criticise, except for my clothes of course!!! (Let’s not think about clothes and food in the same sentence, shall we?)

While travelling rejuvenates my soul and spirit and brings that extra spring in me, good food simply fills me up with that absolute joy of being alive. The first time I had a cheese cake in my entire 24 years and 7 months of existence was in Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai. So I decided to venture back to same place to complete the circle of karma.

Hazelnut cheese cake lived up to its name. The rich layer of cheese was covered with an equally rich, smooth, gooey layer of chocolate which will put you to a dilemma of which one is more heartening – the chocolate or the cheese? (mini orgasms I swear!!!! ;)) But towards the end of the dish, your mouth becomes overtly sweet, a fact which didn’t please me much.

Hazelnut cheesecake

I have eaten numerous Tiramisu deserts since the time I started my college years, but this one has been the best. While often tiramisu is either served in the tall glasses as an ice cream, the presentation in Marine plaza will just tempt you to dig through the entire dish to finish every crumb possible (and lick the spoons just to be sure 😉 :P)

The fluffy yet smooth texture, and not to mention the fact that it is not overtly sweet just made me happy with the dish. Perfection in small compact size.


Since I decided to splurge and go over-the top on deserts, I ordered the Baked cheese cake (and probably the best one, in my opinion). Did you notice the cheese layer and the beautiful golden top and that perfectly moist and yet firm crumb base in the picture? No matter which smartphone you use, the picture actually falls short in describing the utter sinful glorified sensation I experienced while eating it. The smooth, fluffy, creamy cheese simply melted in my mouth after having just one bite. I will swear by this and live for this.

Baked Cheese cake

Happiness is not good food. Happiness is the perfect desert. I had a hard time moving around after eating three gorgeous deserts and I lamented and cried a lot when I couldn’t fir into my favourite dress. But damn!!! Now I know how my mom feels when she refrains from having sweet despite having a sweet tooth.


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