image Indian Vegas

DSCF1100North Goa

(2013 – 2014)

Is there anything better than Vegas?? Of course not!! And I will land up there once, eventually, hopefully for my bachelorette. But until that happens, Goa has served my purpose beautifully. Under the facade of a quiet, unassuming city, Goa has managed to maintain both his historical beauty as well the polished sophistication of a modern and upcoming tourist attraction.

There are certain places in this world, that should not be limited by the memory of visiting it with your parents. Last time I visited Goa was when I was 12 years old and I did all the dutiful venturing of a tourist roaming in awe of  Bom Jesus Basilica to romantic and yet tragic story of Donna Paula. But the memories that I created best were those that I spent in Goa during my college years. Living in Mangalore enabled my access to Goa like never before. Whether it was a simple girls’ night out or a birthday celebration, Goa was the place to be.

How to get there? There are way too many options there. Some prefer a road trip, while some prefer the usual public transport of a train or a bus. And of course for the foreigners who seem to love this city, flight is the obvious choice.

Madgaon is often the most popular choice, if you are coming by train, since it is the most accessible by trains. But it is very expensive to get a cab from there to Baga or Calangute side. The next choice to get down would be Thivim, a station that sounds as closed off by name but is actually quite near to Calangute (half an hour only). Panjim is of course there.

What to do? It is better to have your own vehicle. There are countless number of outlets accommodating this very need, renting out vehicles ranging from cars and jeeps to two-wheelers. All you need is licence and money of course.

I am just posing here, but it justifies the point!!
I am just posing here, but it justifies the point!!

And you will never have problem in finding guest houses. There are way too many hotels and resorts, and if they are not accommodating, then numerous beach shacks, cottages and paying guest outlets are available.

Peak Season – October to March. This is the time when it is quite difficult to find a place, at least a cheap one. But it is the only time when you will actually enjoy Goa. The sheer number of people can be quite disconcerting but it is the only reason why all shops, shacks and pubs are open for the people.

While Saturday Night Market is a highlight for the shoppers who wants to take a bit of Goa back with them, Baga Lane with all its night clubs provides entertainment throughout the night. If you are one of the night-crawlers, do make a visit to Club Cubbana and Club LPK: Love Passion Karma. They are the ones worth going to, and are actually the most safest for the ladies, relatively speaking of course. Spend the day in laziness at the infamous Curlies located at Anjuna beach.

Oh I more thing!!! If you do end up in the month of September, remember this: the prices are cheap of course, but the crowd is very, let’s say shady and cheap. While the month of April attracts the family crowd, they do become quite intimidating when you have planned for a fun weekend. Like I said, I have been to Goa way too many times, and during all season except for the monsoons.

Curlies upper deck!!!
Curlies upper deck!!!

Want to feel like a royalty? Or is it James Bond? Hop on your bikes and ride off to Casino Royale, with hopes of turning your luck.

I have loved Goa. Completely and truly. The memories that I have made there are something that I will never exchange for anything in this world. And it is a city worth a visit.

Tip with no fine – Goa is accessible to all throughout the year, but it is better if you do not make a trip during the monsoons. It is quite inconvenient to have an enjoyable time at that time.


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