image Trekking the Locals


Konaje Kalu, Moodbidri

Karnataka, India

October 2013

Have you ever been asked to do something on a challenge when you know your lungs are literally going to be ripped out of your chest, and all you get to do is keep climbing more because there’s no other way around it? Well, trekking is the same thing for me. You have to twist my arms to get me on to a treadmill. And here I was asked after a night of partying to go on a trekking trip. Insane friends I tell you.

All I knew about this place was it is located 7-8 kms away from Moodbidri, and almost 40 kms or so away from the main city of Mangalore. Later I came to know that weird shape of the rock formation has been named by the British sailors as ‘Ass’s Ears’. I don’t see the ear or the ass. All I could see on that day was I am going to die thanks to my friends.
“Konaje Kallu is a challenge to rock climbers as it does not have footholds and is a 90 degree,200 m drop. It is an ideal trekking location and the route involves walking through thick foliage and a wonderful canopy.

how to reach is a topic which I am not at all good at. Directions are something that only a GPS machine should be given the privilege to follow through. Fortunately we had personal vehicles on hand, and this enabled our ease in finding this lesser known place.

Beauty and the beast. That’s the first word that will come to your mind when you start on the trail. It starts of wide with an orange colored mud, but as you start moving towards your destination, each trail differed in its composition. It was as if the nature has decided beforehand to make it tough for you. You can sweat and complain as much as you want, but the sight will capture your breathe the same way the whole excursion up the hill does.

Month of October will not get you to see any waterfalls, but that beautiful, mystical fog will envelope you, and the slippery rocks will trip you. So don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes. Getting a foothold is really tricky. And it is not going to get any easier as you continue. The trail is literally a narrow path cutting through a lush canopy, big enough for one person.


The first resting/view point is a big sledge of a rock with a gorgeous view. I actually thought we were at the top and decided to collapse right there. Later my friends enlightened me that there’s more to see, and capture and remember. Before reaching the summit there’s a small temple nestled amidst the caves. And it would give you the impression that you are praying for strength to continue further.


The path to the summit is as dangerous as it gets and you just might get lost amidst all the big boulders that you are supposed to find a grip on to step up. But Ahhh!!! the view!!! What a view!!!!
No words can describe the serenity that you feel and see when you reach the very top.


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